Executive and Leadership Coaching

Your leadership journey is unique, but it doesn't have to be lonely. Whether you are feeling stuck, challenged, or simply ready to supercharge your leadership, working with a coach - a trusted partner and loyal ally - can open up new worlds of possibility, effectiveness, and impact.

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What You Can Expect

Andi helped me navigate major life changes that affected my career in a big way. I grew tremendously as a person, and became far more self-aware, with her trustworthy, empathetic, and effective guidance. She helped me examine and understand my drivers and impulses more clearly — both the ones that helped make me successful and the ones that were arguably holding me back. I walked away from every session having learned something and ready to try new approaches.

– Chief Product Officer

People usually come to coaching seeking support to achieve audacious goals or when some kind of stuckness is showing up that isn't getting resolved. More often than not the two are interrelated.

We start with where you are and look at where you long to be. I see us as partners and co-creators in this work, but you are always in the driver's seat. My role is to fully see you and reflect what has become invisible through repeated familiarity. The deep grooves of secret strengths and limiting beliefs that over time have become your default way of being. By looking at how you interpret the world and organize yourself in response, we will uncover the narrative of who you are today and who you are becoming. This becoming is in service to your values, your fullest expression, your innate wholeness, and the goals for the coaching engagement.

The outer challenges of leadership often reveal the inner challenges of our precious and unique being. Together we'll explore the external and internal world of work to unwind what blocks you and unlock your capacity. Common coaching topics include:


  • Working with founders
  • Stepping into a new leadership position
  • Building high-performing, effective teams
  • Scaling in high growth environments
  • Delivering clear and actionable feedback
  • Stepping into difficult conversations
  • Building trust and psychological safety
  • Building a learning culture
  • Setting goals, establishing OKRs
  • Communicating with clarity
  • Delegating and decision making
  • Demystifying power and influence
  • Building strong relationships


  • Navigating major life changes
  • Creating radical clarity and focus
  • Working with the inner critic
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Developing creative confidence
  • Managing stress and avoiding burn out
  • Fostering your unique leadership style
  • Emotional awareness and regulation
  • Cultivating strengths
  • Building confidence
  • Appreciating and working with resistance
  • Coming home to yourself
  • Befriending your nervous system
  • Self unfolding
  • Building resiliance

With some clients I also do 360s and observe them in meetings in order to ground the work in observable assessments. I often recommend this because feedback from peers can be an eye-opening catalyst for where to start and what to prioritize.

The challenges and opportunities you face at work can be used to build a clear awareness of self, and the systems in which the self operates. This awarness is the foundation of choiceful and courageous leadership. By connecting to your innate resourcefulness and creativity through the three centers of intelligence - mind, heart, and body - you will discover new ways to sense and respond in this rapidly changing world.