New worlds of possibility, effectiveness, and impact.

Whatever has you stuck, whatever prevents you from realizing your vision and leading in the way you know is possible, our work together will dig deep to loosen the grip of old belief systems and unlock your authentic leadership style so that you, your team, and your company can flourish.

What You Can Expect

Coaching is a co-creative process, but with a typical engagement you will receive:

  • A personalized coaching program designed specifically for you, including developmental outcomes based on your context and goals

  • Private 60 minute sessions twice a month, for a minimum of 12 sessions

  • Tailored practices to support new ways of leading, working, and showing up in the world

  • Resources for continued learning and development

  • Follow-up notes, program updates, and action items from each session

  • Email and text support in between sessions

A Typical Timeline

  1. Before working together we'll start with a chemisty call to make sure this is the right fit for you. Chemsitry calls are a great way for us to get familiar with each other, for me to understand what is coming up for you and what brings you to coaching, and for you to learn more about my approach. Ultimately the purpose of this call is to figure out if we are a good fit for each other. It's paramount for you to find a coach that you are comfortable with, and that you trust. This call helps us explore these themes together.

  2. If things are copasetic and you'd like to move forward, we'll review the coaching agreement, confidentiality statement, coaching code of ethics, figure out a payment plan, and basically get all the paperwork in place.

  3. Our first session is a 90 minute intake call where I work integrally to understand where you are at, what is coming up for you, and what is occuring in the various domains of your life. This material is used, in combination with a number of integral models, as the basis of your coaching program.

  4. In the second session I'll deliver your coaching program, complete with a purpose statement and developmental outcomes aligned with your context and goals. We'll also review exercises, practices, reading, and resources that will start you on your path to personal and professional transformation.

  5. Sessions 3 - 11 will take, as a point of departure, whatever is coming up for you in the moment we sit down together. We'll check in on execises and practices, review how you are progressing towards your developmental outcomes, and deepen our work in areas of resistence and in shifting old patterns of behavior.

  6. In session 12 we'll review the work and progress that have occurred over the last 6 months, celebrate everything that has unfolded, and discuss if there is anything left to do. If you'd like to continue working together we can talk about what that would look like, or we can end our time together with some reflections and committments as you move forward in your journey.


Pricing starts at $1,000 USD per month for 6 months


1. Transformation takes place at biological time

There's no way around it - deep, lasting change takes time. This is true for individuals, for teams, and for organizations.

2. Lead with humble inquiry

The simple act of asking questions releases us from the pressure of needing to have all the answers. The work of coaching, of reflection, of designing, is built upon the questions that we ask.

3. Strengths are the doorways to possibility

Our culture tends to focus on weaknesses and tries to fix them. When we shift to strengths we open the door to possibilities and make an orthogonal leap to an entirely different problem space rife with potential.

4. Serious play moves mountains

When we play games we adopt what Bernard Suits calls the lusory attitude - we accept the arbitrary rules of a game to facilitate the experience of play. Work life is nothing if not a series of arbitrary rules; the lusory attitiude allows us to step outside the system and create space for creativity and innovation.

5. Unique leadership breaks archetypes

In the tech world we're surrounded by a very specific archetype of what leadership looks like. But there are other ways to lead, ways that are authentic to who we are as individuals and when we embody that truth we become the leaders we are meant to be.

6. Use work to do the work

Poet David Whyte talks about the chasm - the split between what is nourishing at work and what is agonizing. When we learn to accept the chasm we connect more deeply with ourselves and through this connection transform our experience of work.

Interested? Let's chat.

A 50 minute call will give us a chance to see if we're a good coaching fit. I'll be able to understand what is coming up for you and what brings you to coaching, and you'll have a chance to learn more about what to expect, my approach, and ask as many questions as you might have.