Healthy Systems for Healthy Teams

Whether your team is stuck or just wanting to flow better together, team coaching works with team identities, practices, and cultures to shift ways of working that lead to deeper impact and stronger outcomes.

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What You Can Expect

Built on the principles and foundations of individual coaching, team coaching integrates a holistic, systems-based approach to helping teams work better together.

It all begins with an opening. Something isn't working, the team is facing a new challenge, the team has grown and needs a reset, whatever it is something feels off, or amiss. Through in-depth interviews with team members and stakeholders, we'll start to get a sense of what the underlying issues, challenges, and stuck-ness might be.

The coaching program, ranging from unstructured to highly structured depending on the needs of the team, is completely customized to help the team step into new ways of working together, including communication, commitments, identity, culture, purpose, and power, both within the team, and in the ways the team interacts with other parts of the organization.


"I used to believe that it was impossible to work with people who all respected, cared for, supported, and empathized with one another. That to see one another as people, not just coworkers, was impossible. You’ve proven me so wrong. You have built an exceptional thing - a thing that I used to believe couldn’t exist... you have built a culture of kindness, strength, and vulnerability, that encourages us to sit in our discomfort, to cry, to feel mad, but then to take action, to be confident in ourselves and our principles. You’ve also shown us how to celebrate, have fun, be silly, and not take ourselves too seriously! And at the end of the day, how to share both our value and our joy."

- design researcher

"This team you've cultivated has invited me to live among concepts that other environments suggest are at odds with each other: to center both my vulnerability and my strengths, practice both deeper introspection and deeper empathy, feel both safe and challenged, become both more present and less afraid to step back, and embrace both the joy of play and the serious work of personal growth. I am a richer person for this every day, and I sure am happy to imagine the many more people you will make feel this way."

- design manager


1. Transformation takes place at biological time

Nature teaches us that there is a cadence for change, a progression and unfoldment that happens as we make the transition from one way of being to another. This is true for individuals, for teams, and for organizations.

2. Lead with humble inquiry

The simple act of asking questions releases us from the pressure of needing to have all the answers. The work of coaching, of reflection, and of designing is built upon the questions that we ask.

3. Strengths are the doorways to possibility

Our culture tends to focus on weaknesses and tries to fix them. When we shift to strengths we open the door to possibilities and make an orthogonal leap to an entirely different problem space filled with potential.

4. Serious play moves mountains

When we play games we adopt what Bernard Suits calls the lusory attitude - we accept the arbitrary rules of a game to facilitate the experience of play. Work life is nothing if not a series of arbitrary rules; the lusory attitiude allows us to step outside the system and create space for creativity and innovation.

5. Unique leadership breaks archetypes

In the tech world we're surrounded by a very specific archetype of what leadership looks like. But there are other ways to lead, ways that are authentic to who we are as individuals and when we embody that truth we become the leaders we are meant to be.

6. Use work to do the work

Poet David Whyte talks about the chasm - the split between what is nourishing at work and what is agonizing. When we learn to accept the chasm we connect more deeply with ourselves and through this connection transform our experience of work.

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