Who I Work With

I coach senior leaders, executives, and teams who want to be in work (and life) with more capacity, presence, clarity, and joy. I partner with people who know it is possible to be more effective and fulfilled in their roles and who are looking for deeper meaning and purpose in their work.

You Believe...

  • that well-being is critical to the success of high performing teams
  • that business is about profit and people
  • that being curious provides greater leverage than being right
  • that slowing down creates the conditions to go fast
  • that work doesn't have to destroy us
  • that work can be an expression of our full creativity and aliveness

You are ready and willing to...

  • be open, honest, and vulnerable (and I will do the same)
  • listen to what is calling and let go of what no longer serves
  • put in the time and effort that coaching requires
  • let go of old habits and beliefs
  • see how you are complicit in the challenges you face
  • engage in experiments
  • be accountable for your own transformation
  • to have fun in the process!

You long for...

  • a deeper connection with your team, colleagues, and peers
  • confidence and clarity in your unique leadership practice
  • the space to engage in more strategic thinking
  • more joy and meaning in your work
  • the alchemy to transmute challenges into transformation and growth

Who I don't work with

There are certain situations, desires, and goals that my coaching is not a good fit for:

If you are...

  • looking to address a one-off tactical issue
  • looking for confirmation that you are right
  • looking for a playbook to get your next promotion
  • unwilling to take a hard and honest look at yourself and your behaviors
  • unwilling to put in the time and effort coaching requires...
  • ...or expect me to do the work for you

If any of the above hold a kernel of truth for you, then we probably won't be a good fit for each other.