Eat Only Elk

Circa 2017, this personal talk explores the role belief systems play when it comes to effective, impactful, flourishing leadership.

Design Leadership: The First 90 Days

I'm working on a set of tools, exercises, and practices to help design leaders navigate the early days in a new role. Based on a talk I gave in 2015, you can think of this as a tool for reflection, a way finding guide, and a trusty companion.

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Storytelling in Organizations

On complexity, systems, and storytelling.

The Art of Receiving Feedback

Receiving feedback can be scary, but it doesn't have to be.

Creating the Right Space for Feedback

What happens outside the conversation is just as important as what happens in it.

Coaching, Mentoring, Advising: What's the Diff?

I get this question a lot, so I figured I'd just write an article about it.

Managing Yourself and Managing Relationships: The Key to Management Success

Emotional intelligence will take you a long ways. Learn to cultivate thie early in your career.

Both/And: Untangling the Relationship Between Management & Leadership

Mangement and leadership. Are the the same thing or different? Yes.

Priorities, Capacity, and Support: A Dialogue for Teams

My contribution to the early pandemic writings in the genre of, "oh shit it's a global pandemic what do we do?" This article explores the role of asking the right questions to facilitate collective support.

The Cadence of a Design Team

I'm a big believer in how cadence can support high-performance teams in maintaining alignment and flow. This is a look at one of the ways I did this at Movable Ink.

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