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Current Research

Resistance in Organizations

How do people understand and work with resistance in organizational settings?

Articles informed by this research:

If you are facing resistance in your organization I'd love to talk to you! In exchange you'll receive applicable insights from my research that will help you understand and work with resistance in new and transformative ways.

The majority of business literature on resistance construes it as an unwanted occurence that must be overcome through things like influence, asking good questions, and making friends across departments. Gestalt psychology, on the other hand, sees resistance as healthy and life affirming. The energy of resistance is necessary for maintaining the integrity of a system, especially when the system contains power imbalances.

I am interested in what happens when resistance is seen in this light; not as something to overcome but as a configuration of multi-polar energies that can be worked with to evolve a system in a beneficial and sustainable direction.

I am interested in talking with leaders facing organizational resistance of any kind. I am looking to understand the ways in which resistance is recognized and experienced, the language used to describe it and emotions it invokes, what has been tried so far, and what the ideal outcomes might be.

In exchange I will share insights and distinctions from the world of gestalt psychology that can open up new possiblities for understanding and working with resistance.

If this sounds like something that would be useful for you, please fill out the form below with clear and concise answers and I'll be in touch to schedule a 1:1 session. Thank you!

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