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Leader as Coach

A 5 week cohort-based course that teaches leaders essential coaching skills to unlock potential, enhance well-being, and accelerate team performance.

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Why This Course?

When I stepped into my first executive role I had a coach by my side to help with the transition. The work we did together was nothing less than transformative both professionally and personally, and years down the road I decided I wanted to be able to provide similar support for the teams I was leading.

I jumped into the deep end with a year-long professional training course at New Ventures West in San Francisco. Early on in the program we learned that, because of power dynamics, leaders cannot coach their direct reports in the deepest sense of the work but that coach-like conversations and skills can have a meaningful impact on team perfomance, culture, and business outcomes.

As I brought the lessons from coach training into the office it became easier to build cross-functional relationships, treat difficult conversations as a catalyst for transformation and learning (rather than conflict), and support my team in taking charge of their work and careers. People enjoyed coming to work, being a team, and facing challenges together. It wasn't always easy, but we got better with every iteration.

I designed Leader as Coach to support leaders who are interested in adding coach-like skills to their leadership practice in order to have better, more impactful conversations and to increase the well-being and performance of their teams. Not just by learning the content, frameworks, and methodologies but by engaging in the practice of coaching conversations in a safe and supportive space.



Cohort 1: March 15th - April 12th, 2023

Five 2 hour workshops every Wednesday, from 10 - 12pm Pacific Time

  • Wednesday, March 15th
  • Wednesday, March 22nd
  • Wednesday, March 29th
  • Wednesday, April 5th
  • Wednesday, April 12th

Sign up at Maven.com (you can also stay in the loop about future cohorts).


The initial cost of the course is $550 USD. I expect that for future cohorts the price will increase to $750 USD.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what coaching is and its role in organizations
    Coaching is both an art and a science, but it certainly isn't a mystery! This course will demystify coaching, clarify the role it plays in organizations, and provide leaders with a clear understanding of how to coach in business environments.
  • Know when to coach and when to delegate
    Coaching is about being imaginative and looking for a variety of solutions. In some situations coaching can be incredibly supportive and while others require leaders to be strategic and directive. Learn how to successfully flex across the coaching/delegation spectrum.
  • Build fluency in the neuroscience of coaching
    Stress is good in the right amount, but too much can push people into survival mode. When this happens a shift from being responsive to reactive takes place. Learn how the brain contributes to threat-based behavior and how to effectively and gracefully handle these situations.
  • Integrate coaching skills into your leadership practice
    Coaching skills are great for coaching, and are also powerful leadership skills on their own. Fluency with active listening, building relationships, making clear requests, and navigating complexity will make you a more effective leader.
  • Gain hands on experience coaching and being coached
    Each workshop is designed with ample time dedicated to hands on, experiential learning where participants can engage in coaching and being coached. This is the best way to learn the core skills of coaching. People usually find this both scary and fun!
  • Increase capacity to engage in more meaningful interactions
    Use coaching skills to deepen your awareness, power of observation, and leadership presence to build authentic relationships through which to coordinate action and effective performance.


Week 1: Coaching Foundations
In this workshop we'll cover coaching mindsets, the difference between coaching and mentoring, the neuroscience of coaching, and essential skills for building awareness of yourself and others.

Week 2: Building Trust
Trust is the foundation of effective coaching. In this workshop we'll look at what it is, how it works, and how to build it intentionally through specific and repeatable actions.

Week 3: The Power of Appreciation
Coaching conversations at work are focused on developing individuals and changing challenging behavior. Learn the role that appreciation plays and how it can unlock creative possibilities for change and transformation.

Week 4: Coaching Practicum I
Building on the learnings from the first three workshops, the first practicum explores the arc of a coaching conversation. Participants will get the opportunity to put these skills to work immediately in small practice groups.

Week 5: Coaching Practicum II
The second practicum is an extension of the first, with a focus on applying a coaching approach to difficult conversations. The workshop will close with the creation of an actionable learning plan for sustained growth as a coach and leader.

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