Executive coaching for unconventional leaders.

method & matter works with folx to develop capacity, cultivate power, and lead with clarity. Unlock your wildest dreams, your teams, your company, and your world.

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You don't have to go it alone.

Your leadership journey is unique, but it doesn't have to be lonely. If you are feeling stuck, challenged, or uncertain, working with a coach - a trusted partner and loyal ally - can open up new worlds of possibility, impact, and effectiveness.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching for emerging and seasoned leaders. The challenges we face at work are the perfect material for growth, both personally and professionally. Whatever is in front of you, whatever you long to achieve, working together we can unblock what stops you and unleash a world of possibilities.

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Team Coaching

When teams are humming along there is a natural flow to how individuals work together, align around purpose, and create a path forward. Sometimes that flow gets stuck. Team coaching helps teams regain flow, develop new capacities, and achieve more together than they ever thought possible.

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Workshops are great for condensed, focused, collaborative team development. method & matter offers training in business thinking, systems thinking, and Appreciative Inquiry, as well as bespoke offerings in leadership training and team building.

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"I highly recommend working with Andi: the experience is scary, rewarding, and transformative. It’s a journey through all the feels, and as a result of committing to that journey I lead with more confidence and strength. My purpose in working with Andi was initially focused on leveling up in my career, but the benefits of working with her transcend my career path and aspirations. My coaching container includes self-reflection, and thoughtfully curated frameworks and exercises that support the needs and challenges in my life — no small feat as we worked together in year 2 of an ongoing Pandemic. While Andi draws from her many areas of expertise, she encouraged feedback to ensure my container continued to support my needs. My team has felt the results of my investment, as have my peers, boss, and family."

- Head of User Experience

"Andrea helped me navigate major life changes that affected my career in a big way. I grew tremendously as a person, and became far more self-aware, with her trustworthy, empathetic, and effective guidance. She helped me examine and understand my drivers  and impulses more clearly — both the ones that helped make me successful and the ones that were arguably holding me back. I walked away from every session having learned something and ready to try new approaches."

- Chief Product Officer

"Leadership seemed to me like a foggy room on the other side of a locked door; I didn't feel qualified or invited to be in that room, and I resented the whole situation. After years of bumping my head against that door, I sought out a coach; I chose Andi because I liked her structured approach, her warmth, and her openness. I knew that working with her would require me to "go there," to be open to looking at old hurts and habits and beliefs, and I was right. But Andi made it inviting. It was scary and fun to consider all the new possibilities and capabilities I could move into.

Through our work together, I've learned to trust myself more, to see my strengths, and to embrace my "unruly" parts and enlist them in the cause of bringing my own unique leadership into the foggy room, to join the others in finding our way. I'm happier, more adventurous, more compassionate, and more effective than I have ever been as a leader or as a person. Best career development investment ever!"

- User Research Leader

"I sought out Andrea for leadership coaching when I moved into my first executive role. In our work together she helped me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses, grow skills that were critical to my success such as relationship building, time management, and dealing with frustration, and to navigate a variety of workplace challenges that I faced. Her calming disposition and exceptional listening skills always made me feel comfortable and I appreciated how skillfully she was able to ask the exact right questions and then guide me to new insights and perspectives. I'd highly recommend Andrea to anyone who's interested in growing as both a leader and a person."

- Vice President of Design

"Working with Andi helped me evaluate how I approached both my personal and professional lives, and understand what was getting me stuck. She is wise, compassionate and without judgment, but firm in providing the push I needed to make the right changes. I now approach things with much more intentionality and I continue to apply the tools Andi provided me with. I cannot find the words to express what a transformative experience this journey has been for me."

- Director of Product Design

"I had the opportunity to work with Andi over the course of a year that brought a number of significant personal and professional challenges into my life. I consider myself truly fortunate to have had the benefit of Andi's support and guidance during this time. Andi is a truly gifted coach and amazing human being. Her coaching practice brings insights from the many domains she has expertise in, from design and business leadership to holistic psychology to the martial arts. Working with her has enabled me to integrate my mind and body in ways I couldn't have imagined, to face deep-seated fears and contradictions, and to emerge from my struggles as a stronger, kinder, wiser, and more resilient person. I highly recommend working with Andi to anyone who wants to move to the next level in their personal and professional life and is ready to take a leap forward in their journey of self-realization."

- Senior Manager of Product Design

"In my eight months with Andi, she helped me to identify my professional and personal aspirations, to develop practices that vastly improved my mental and emotional health, and to ultimately reconnect with the joy of my being. Her coaching plan was completely tailored to me, and it was always evolving with my own growth. Andi is compassionate, observant, and infinitely wise. I feel so fortunate that I was able to work with her."

- Creative Leader

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