Collaborative Learning

Looking for something to help your team skill-up in a specific area of focus? Specializing in business thinking and systems thinking workshops, method & matter can also help you design offsites, facilitate challenging meetings, create team charters, and so much more.

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Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a strengths-based, capacity building approach to leadership development and organizational change. Collaborative, inclusive, and generative, Appreciative Inquiry helps teams learn and transform through a unique combination of conversations, cooperation, and questions. Best delivered in day-long offsites, Appreciative Inquiry workshops are customized for your specific team vision, goals, and needs.

  • An appreciation of the shared stories and experiences of the team
  • Co-creation of a shared vision of what is possible
  • An understanding of the unique strengths of each team member
  • A shared committment to a path forward

Systems Thinking for Designers

Systems and complexity are all around us - in the products and services we build, in the organizations we are a part of, and in the society we live in. We are systems embedded in systems embedded in systems. This workshop will help designers understand the fundamentals of systems thinking, how to apply systems thinking to organizational complexity, and how to take a systems perspective when designing products and services.

  • An understanding of the various types of systems we enounter and work with on a daily basis
  • Familiarity with the tools and methodologies used in systems thinking
  • Hands-on experience working with complexity and leverage points
  • Familiarity with the differences between conventional thinking and systems thinking

Business Thinking for Designers

How does design bring value to your business, and how is that measured? What is the relationship between design and the rest of your organization? And how can designers drive more impact through a better understanding of business? This workshop is custom designed around your business and your design team, exploring ways to bring mutual intelligibility between the two domains, and help designers get some business thinking under their belts.

  • Familiarity with the language of business
  • Clarity around business models and strategy
  • Experience tying design work to business impact
  • Practice speaking about the value of design to non-design stakeholders


Custom facilitation for offsites, team-building, team charters, capacity building, and conflict resolution.

Looking for a supportive, ongoing coaching relationship for you or your team? Schedule a coaching consultation where we can explore what is in front of you and what working together might look like.

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Looking for a single coaching session to help you through a tight spot? Every Wednesday I have availability through Superpeer for a la carte coaching.

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